Giving makes us a better, stronger nation.  It enhances progress to causes we care about.  By giving you are helping others, as well as you provide a boost to your own self esteem.  In fact, studies show that people who give to charity have longer life expectancies.  There are any good reasons to give.  Today’s political and social climate make regular giving all the more critical.

The mission of 12by12by12 is to encourage people to give on a regular basis.  We hope to make that as easy as possible.  It is also important that you give smart.  That’s where we come in.  Relying on the expertise of nonprofit and community leaders, we do your homework for you. Select from any of the 12 key issue areas and you will find the leaders in that area.  Each has been carefully examined and vetted.  So you can feel confident that what you give will make a difference.

We also give as a collective body to increase the impact of your contribution.  That is the power of 12by12by12.